Our Vision Statement

Omagh North Nursery School is committed to providing a happy, secure and caring environment in which our children can learn.  We look to the education of the whole child, so that each of their needs may be met and their full potential developed.  We look to do this not on our own but in partnership with our parents.

Our community Nursery provides a stimulating and challenging learning environment where children and young people from all backgrounds can learn with, from and about each other.  The promotion of equality and good relations extends to everyone in our Nursery and to their families regardless of their religious, cultural or social background.

Nursery education is value driven and child centred.  It is delivered through a holistic approach with an emphasis on developing every aspect of a child’s potential.

Aims of Our School

  • To provide learning experiences in line with the Pre-School Curricular Guidance.
  • To create an environment this is caring, supportive, familiar and inclusive.
  • To develop understanding, appreciation and respect for the environment and the world.
  • To develop practical skills and provide opportunities to apply these creatively.
  • To use ICT to support and enhance children’s learning experiences.
  • To help children develop physically and become aware of the need for exercise and a healthy lifestyle.
  • To encourage children to develop positive attitudes, perseverance, self-esteem and self-confidence.